10 Best Places To Visit in December in India

As I sit down to write about the best places to visit in December in India , I’m brought back to vivid memories connected into the threads of my travel bucket list. December, a month of chilly winds and festive moods, invites travelers to discover the beauty wrapped within India’s various landscapes.

Join me on a voyage across the best places to visit in December, where each meeting serves as a chapter in a personal odyssey rather than a checkmark on a travel list.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh – The snow of romance

My imaginative voyage began among the snow-capped slopes of Manali. As I strolled through Old Manali’s picturesque alleyways, where every turn seemed to whisper tales of winter romance, the fresh mountain air touched me. I was sipping hot cocoa in a tiny café when I saw the peace that had descended over the town, transforming it into a fairy tale environment.

 The snow activities in the Solang Valley provided a thrilling element to Manali’s calm appeal, making it a refuge for winter fans like me, presenting with all compelling aspect to pack my bags and leave the second December begins.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh, Best places to visit in December

Christmas Charisma in Goa

Who doesn’t have Goa on their bucket list? It’s the ideal vacation place for all kinds of travellers. I found myself dancing under the stars on the beaches of Goa for a change of pace. December provided a distinct combination of sun, sand, and Christmas activities. 

Calangute’s golden sands were transformed into a canvas for Christmas lights, while beach shacks were transformed into winter wonderlands. I couldn’t help but be taken away by the tropical Christmas mood, a joyful celebration that flawlessly blended with the laid-back beach ambiance. 

Christmas in Goa, India, best places to visit in December

Royal Retreat- Udaipur, Rajasthan 

Udaipur welcomes with imperial magnificence and a ray of winter brightness. As you explore the stately City Palace facing Lake Pichola, the City of Lakes reveals its magnificence. Every stride through the lively markets will feel like a walk- through history, with the city’s royal past imprinting itself on your psyche. Udaipur’s allure is not just in its architecture, but also in the way it seamlessly blended old-world reality with the cold December air. 

As Indians if there is anything we are profound about except delicious food, it’s the royal legacy our country possesses and to be around that atmosphere during vacations is simply beyond the spectrum of explanation. Needless to say, visit Udaipur this December and witness the royalty yourself.  

Udaipur, Rajasthan, Best places to visit in December

Tea Gardens & Tranquility – Munnar, Kerala 

Munnar, with its huge tea estates, provided a refuge in the embrace of nature. The perfume of eucalyptus trees and the mist-covered hills produced a calming symphony for the senses. Walking through the tea farms felt like entering into a green paradise, a far cry from the typical December chill. Munnar’s lovely landscapes and nice weather are ideal for a relaxing winter retreat.

 You will be mesmerized by the serenity that surrounds Munnar as the sun dips below the horizon, sending a warm glow over the tea-covered hills. It’s more than a destination; it’s a haven where time seems to slow down, allowing for a deep connection with nature and soul renewal. The serene beauty of Munnar in December invites one to halt, breathe, and be immersed in the timeless attraction of this Kerala jewel.

For all the tea lovers out there and unlike, this destination is simply said your cup of tea to try this December. 

Munnar, Kerala, Best places to visit in December

Darjeeling, Sikkim: A December Delight 

Darjeeling, nestled in the eastern Himalayas, revealed itself as a treasure of peace and elegance during my December excursion. With emerald-green tea fields and the beautiful Kanchenjunga looming in the distance, the “Queen of the Hills” exhibited its distinct personality. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Darjeeling Himalayan Railway provided a fascinating excursion through misty vistas, lovely villages, and adorable tunnels.

The Mall Road, which was adorned with vivid Tibetan prayer flags, became a centre of activity where I sampled local teas and took in the colonial-era buildings. Tiger Hill’s sunrise bathed the snow-capped summits in pink and gold, creating a beautiful spectacle. Get lost in the scenic toy train ride offered here, which is a must do in this beautiful place.  Darjeeling in December felt like a tranquil haven, with fresh mountain air and genuine hospitality.

Darjeeling, best places to visit in December

Awaiting Adventure in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 

Rishikesh provides an original kind of adventure, one that speaks to the soul. The beautiful Himalayas surround the Ganges River, which provides a canvas for white-water rafting and yoga by the riverbanks. As the Ganga Aarti unfolds at Triveni Ghat, there is a sense of connection with something higher, a spiritual adventure that transcends the adrenaline rush.

The magnificent views from the Beatles Ashram also add an adrenaline rush to one’s spiritual journey. However, it is the delicate flutter of the wind through the ancient trees, the echoing chants of yogis, and the peaceful introspection by the riverbanks that will be etched in your memory, not the adventure.

Rishikesh in December is more than simply a physical adventure; it’s a metaphysical exploration of nature and self that will leave you eternally altered. Get on with your adventure odyssey with a hint of culturalism this December 

Rishikesh, best places to visit in December

Guwahati, Assam: Gateway to the Northeast 

Guwahati, the capital of Assam, acts as the gateway to the enthralling Northeast. The city of Guwahati, nestled along the banks of the Brahmaputra River, combines cultural riches with natural beauty. As I strolled through its lively streets, the Kamakhya Temple atop Nilachal Hill stood guard, affording stunning views of the city and the powerful Brahmaputra.

Guwahati in December is a great combination of beautiful weather and cultural activity. Umananda Island, accessible by boat, offers a tranquil retreat, while the Assam State Museum reveals the region’s rich history and creative heritage. The city’s outdoor spaces, from the Assam State Zoo to Sukreswar Ghat, offer exploration against the backdrop of a pleasant environment.

Markets like Fancy Bazaar become treasure troves of Assamese handicrafts and silk. Guwahati, with its warm hospitality, exquisite Assamese food, and welcoming smiles, is more than a city—it’s a portal into the enthralling Northeast, presenting a unique blend of cultural tapestry set against the magnificent splendour of the Brahmaputra.

Guwahati, one of the best places to visit in December in India

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu – Soothing Retreat 

Kodaikanal is a haven of peace, with its foggy hills and eucalyptus-scented air inviting you to slow down. I figuratively discovered peace in the simplicity of nature when cycling through Kodai roads and strolled along Coaker’s Walk. The appeal of Kodaikanal was its capacity to provide a calm getaway from the rush and bustle of the outside world. 

The gleaming Kodaikanal Lake reflected the rich vegetation, providing a reflection canvas for nature’s poetry. Away from the crowds, Kodaikanal’s allure was in the simplicity of moments—the warmth of a cup of tea at a lakeside café, the symphony of birdsong in Bryant Park, and the peaceful introspection by the Silver Cascade Falls. In December, Kodaikanal is more than just a getaway; it’s a natural hug, a timeless sanctuary where the soul finds rest amid the misty embrace of the hills.

Kodaikanal best places in India

Enchanting Heights in Ooty, Tamil Nadu 

In December, Ooty, the Queen of the Nilgiris, revealed its allure as a scenic hideaway. The chilly mountain air carried eucalyptus whispers and the promise of beautiful scenery. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Nilgiris Mountain Railway provided a nostalgic excursion through mist-covered valleys and green tea plantations.

OOTY in December

While strolling around Ooty’s colourful alleyways, I discovered colonial-era architecture that blended well with the natural splendour that surrounding it. The Botanical Gardens, which were decked with a variety of flowers, and the placid Ooty Lake, where boat rides provided a peaceful getaway, added to the town’s charm.

In December, Ooty was transformed into a canvas of misty mornings, pleasant evenings by the fireplace, and a symphony of nature’s colours—an exquisite refuge in the embrace of the Nilgiris.

Himalayan Majesty – Leh Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir 

Leh Ladakh, a country of raw beauty, exhibited its breathtaking attractiveness amidst the Himalayan peaks. Leh transformed into a winter wonderland in December, as snow blanketed the region. Pangong Lake’s magnetic draw, frozen and clean, displayed a bizarre blend of cold whites and deep blues against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

 The snow-covered monasteries of Thiksey and Hemis exuded a sense of spiritual peace. Adventurers found refuge in the frozen Zanskar River, where the Chadar Trek unfurled as a fantastic expedition on ice. In December, Leh Ladakh is more than just a destination; it’s an adventure into the lap of nature’s magnificence, where every snowflake tells a narrative and every mountain peak beckons.

Leh Ladakkh in December

Final Thoughts 

As I ponder on my own adventure through best places to visit in December in India, I’m reminded that travel is all the stories we collect along the way, not just the places. Each location, from the icy lanes of Manali to the sun-soaked beaches of Goa and the imperial beauty of Udaipur, has left its mark on my heart.

December in India is a celebration of diversity, a tapestry of experiences ranging from spectacular escapades to tranquil retreats. Each interaction, whether it’s the flavour of hot cocoa in a Manali café or the serenity of a Kodaikanal hill, transforms the voyage into a real, breathing memoir.

As you plan your December getaway, I advise you to look for experiences that speak to your spirit as well as stunning settings. December sights in India are more than just places; they are chapters ready to be penned in your trip journal. Wishing you a winter voyage full of personal connections, laughter, and the kind of joy that only December in India can provide. Happy trails!

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